Canoo (GOEV) finds a new business partner in leading elevator services company


Electric vehicle startup Canoo (GOEV) has found its latest client in Schindler Elevator Corporation, a leading global elevator and escalator services provider. Schindler announced its intent to add 50 2023 Canoo EVs to its fleet, an industry first.

Canoo has fought through adversity essentially since its foundation in 2017 as it continues its mission to bring “EVs to everyone.”

The foundation for Canoo’s electric vehicles is its versatile Multi-Purpose Platform that underpins its Lifestyle Vehicle (including delivery, base, premium, and adventure trims), Multi-Purpose Delivery Vehicle, and electric pickup with up to 300 miles range.

Canoo estimates its Lifestyle Delivery Vehicles (LDVs) can lower the total cost of ownership over its peers by over 35%.

Despite developing its first Beta prototype in 19 months, Canoo faced significant hurdles in bringing its EVs to market. After posting an over $125 million loss in the first quarter of 2022 and seeing its losses widen in Q2, Canoo expressed substantial doubt it would be able to continue.

Since the beginning of 2022, Canoo has signed deals with major retailers and organizations, including Walmart (up to 10,00 LDVs), the US Army, NASA, fleet management agencies, and more.

Now another business is looking to add Canoo EVs to its fleet Schindler Elevator Corporation.

Schindler Elevator Corporation Canoo LDV (Source: Schindler)

Leading elevator services company adds Canoo EVs

Schindler announced its intention Tuesday in a press release. The leading elevator services company claims to be the first in its industry to commit to using light-duty EV vans in the US.

The company is committing to add fifty 2023 Canoo Lifestyle Delivery EVs. Schindler CEO Ray Bisson says he “understands that companies like ours play a critical role around climate change,” adding that deploying the Canoo EVs “brings us one step closer to a low-carbon future.”

Canoo’s vehicles will be designed for technician use, with features including:

  • +200 miles range
  • 1,543-pound payload
  • 133 cubic feet of usable cargo storage
  • ADAS (including forward collision braking and auto emergency braking)

The commitment is part of Schindlers Elevator Corporation’s goal of achieving net-zero emissions by 2040.

Electrek’s Take

I’m happy to see Canoo adding another client as it works to ramp production and stay afloat. Canoo is one of those companies you want to see succeed.

The EV maker is filling an essential role in bringing electric options to the commercial delivery and work van market (and let’s not forget its adventure vehicles). With several new clients, a new high-volume manufacturing facility in OKC, and a platform to streamline EV production, hopefully, Canoo can hit the ground running this year.

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